The Controller that really fits your needs

Fully configurable, the FLEX truly fits to your buildings no matter the size of your operation.

The FLEX offers you, simple and efficient regulation.

The 3 axes of the FLEX

The FLEX is an electronic controller intended for the management of the environment in breeding.

All our know-how revolves around 3 main axes.

We offer you

Efficient Ventilation

Precision and Simplicity


The FLEX manages your ventilation, wether it's in chimney, cross flow or tunnel.


Control your fans or group of fans according to the average temperature or a specific sensor.


The FLEX even has a function that prioritizes tunnel ventilation by automatically disabling the cross flow ventilation group.

Intelligent Lighting

Understanding you needs


Do you need 1, 2, 5 or 7 different lighting programs for your production?


This is no longer a problem.


Dimmable or ON/OFF lighting, the FLEX can manage any type of lighting equipment and allows you to create precise, simple and easy lighting schedules. 

Versatile Heating 

No matter the source of energy, the FLEX adapts to it.



Whether you need heating based on the average temperature or a specific area based on an accurate sensor reading, the FLEX can do it.



Not to mention our parameters dedicated to heat exchangers.


Air inlet

Do it your own way


Forced ventilation, natural or hybrid, we can do it.


Whether individual slot type air inlets, panels, curtains or balloons, the FLEX is designed to adapt to your reality and your needs.



Over time, no compromise.


Coordinating nutrition and lighting can be critically important.


This is the reason why our timer programs are extremely precise and above all easy to set up.

Peace of


A quality product, unparalleled service. It's our commitment.


You make every effort to ensure the best living conditions for your farm.


We make every effort to provide you with the best product. It's guaranteed!