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3 Steps Service

The FLEX is an electronic controller intended for the management of the environment in breeding.

All our know-how revolves around 3 main axes.

Service in 3 easy steps

Your Building

Send us a sketch of your building and the ventilation equipment you use.

Your  Production

Detail your type of animal production and the size of your operation.

Your Needs

We will send you a document detailing your ventilation needs*.

Our method is simple and efficient.


We calculate for you the ventilation needs of your farm, based on your type of animal production, the size of your herd and the type of ventilation you use or wish to use. Thanks to our tools, we will be able to suggest minimum and maximum ventilation rates as well as an appropriate dimensioning of your air inlets. We will also be able to suggest a management system perfectly adapted to your needs and your reality.


* Our work does not replace that of a professional design office. We do not provide building engineering advice. Our calculations are based on existing, recognized and certified charts in order to give you the best advice on the adequate airflow for your production.